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CGI Product Images Vs Traditional Photography

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is one of the most effective ways to market configurable products. Traditional product photography is still commonly used by e-commerce websites, however, CGI product images are more versatile and are now being adopted by many online retailers in collaboration with their existing photography.

How can we best resolve the problem of configurable products?

The endless customisable choices in online retail have created a growing demand for customers to be able to see their chosen product in all the different configurations available. The customer is no longer happy just looking at a fabric swatch. They want to see their sofa, bed or chair in the exact colour fabric they plan to buy it in. By building a computer generated model of each product, we are creating a definitive record of it. One that can be delivered in thousands of colours, angles, textures and finishes. Allowing it to be illustrated in any way and on any device. This is something that traditional photography cannot produce without great expense and effort. Whilst photography is still an essential part of any e-commerce website’s makeup, CGI product images can be used alongside photography to enhance the overall user experience of the site. Computer generated product renders are well within most companies marketing budget and allow businesses to display their products in every configuration without needing to manufacture them first.

Why use CGI product images to enhance lifestyle shots?

Many e-commerce businesses now use computer generated imagery to create eye catching lifestyle shots. For instance, we can seamlessly place a CGI product image of a door handle onto the photographic picture of a door. Giving context and scale without having to drill any holes in the walls! It is also possible to create fully computer generated room sets. This allows retailers to display their products in sought after or expensive locations abroad, without the cost of a large-scale photoshoot. For example, we can depict your merchandise in the middle of the Sahara Desert without any of us having to fly there!

How realistic are CGI products?

Of course, traditional photography will always hold first place when it comes to authenticity. However, computer generated imagery is now incredibly realistic. By using the best software, combined with the artistic skills of our modellers, Blotto’s CGI product images have become indistinguishable from photographs. Long gone are the days of poor computer graphics. Now with the latest technology you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the 3D shots and the real ones. At Blotto Studio, we specialise in creating highly realistic content that adds the imperfect to the perfect. It is the minute details that make our work so realistic. We ensure that all of our renders are colour matched to the exact material of the product we are digitally reproducing. This reduces the margin for customer error when purchasing their merchandise. As their product will be delivered in the exact colour matched material that they configured it in.

Furniture Village leather CGI chair, cgi furniture, cgi brown leather armchair, Blotto Studio

It is clear then that traditional photography will always have a place in the online world. However, the power of CGI is undeniable and computer-generated imagery is carving its own path within e-commerce. A website that uses CGI product images alongside their traditional photography will not only enhance their overall customer experience but also maximise the merchandising potential of their online shop.



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